The Best Toy Phones for Toddlers

The Best Toy Phones for Toddlers

Aside from providing entertainment, getting the best toy phones for toddlers can also help them pretend play and stimulate reasoning. So, if you give your little one your smartphone to get him busy, this might seem to be the right thing to do so you can get busy with other things. But, the con is, real phones have certain risks and could even go as far as damaging your little one’s cognitive development in the long term. However, to eliminate this, getting toy phones for toddlers is a safe alternative to your pricey smartphone. Most toy phones will encourage working on numbers, letters, and singing at an early stage. Getting toy phones for your toddlers will help them learn social skills and have great fun at the same time. Here are the 6 top-notch toy phones for toddlers available on the market.

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LeapFrog Chat and Count Baby Phone

This smart little phone from LeapFrog comes with more than 15 activities, making it super ideal for kids ages 18 months and above. The functional toy phone has songs about counting that your little one can sing along with, as well as fun animations that will help introduce to your little one numbers, phone manners, and a lot more. One amazing thing you will find appealing is that you can connect with this toy phone to customize the learning insights. With LeapFrog Chat and Count Baby Phone, your little one will learn early number sense, pretend play, likewise social skills. The toy phone comes with 10 buttons.

Fisher Price Classic Retro Chatter Phone

Looking for one of the top toy phones for toddlers out there on the market? Then search no further because this retro chatter phone from Fisher-Price is the ultimate kid’s telephone. This toy phone has been on the market since 1961, with its rotary dials being some of the functions that make the toy phone so special. The adorable toy phone has never stopped to interest kids, and no doubt your little one will fall in love with it too. Every kid will fall in love with the way its eyes roll up and down as it moves. Not only that, the dial rings, the mouth chatter, and the beautiful color combo are breathtaking, and your little cutie age 12 months and over will sure love it. 

Toysery Cell Phone and Key Toy Set

Many would love this classic kid toy phone from Toysery because of its bold, beautiful colors and the key set it comes with. Along with its cute look, the functional toy phone comes with different sounds and music that will do wonders in entertaining and keeping your little one relaxed at all times. In addition, Toysery Cell Phone and Key Toy Set has a great design, including beautifully colored buttons that will help encourage your little one’s imagination and keep them both occupied and entertained for long periods. The well-built toy cell phone is lightweight and great for babies of 12 months and above.

YoyoStore My First Own Cell Phone

If you desire an interactive toy phone, then you might want to consider YoyoStore My First Own Cell Phone. This kid toy cell phone has several different modes, including music, number, and color modes. The iPhone replica toy phone is designed for babies aged 18 months and above. YoyoStore My First Own Cell Phone features sweet music and educational tutorials that will stimulate your baby’s senses. And because the volume is adjustable, your little one won’t be provoked by loud sound since it can be adjusted to their preferred taste.

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone

VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone has 10 realistic apps, including music, games, clock, and photos. With all of these, your little one will absolutely love this toy phone. The kid toy phone features a pretend phone book, a special chat button, and a chatty parrot to guide them through the activities. With the toy phone, your little one can talk just like you do on your phone. In addition, it enables your toddler to learn about letters, time, and numbers with fun game apps. Get your little one this, and you get them engaged all day, all thanks to the five different ringtones and voice activation. VTech Call & Chat Learning Phone is suitable for kids ages 2 to 5 years.

PlanToys My First Phone

When thinking of your little one, safety is what comes first. This toy phone from PlanToys is completely safe for your little one. The toy phone is made of sustainable rubberwood and covered with a non-toxic finish, with colors made from a vegetable dye, making the toy phone completely safe for your little one. It comes with a large screen and a beautifully colored, beaded dial pad that help foster interactive and imaginative play. Likewise, PlanToys My First Phone can help develop cognitive and dexterity skills. It is suitable for kids 12 months and up.

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