Best Swim Parkas for Swimmers

Swim Parkas are swimming equipment that people rarely use in water though popular among coaches, lifeguards, and swimmers. Swim Parkas have a hood, and a warm lining inside, longer fit (usually down to around your knee). In addition, they also have a water-resistant outer shell which generally protects you from external conditions. Thus, they can be handy, especially when you swim outside in cold weather. This essential swimming equipment keeps you comfortable and warm before you proceed to swim or right after swimming. 

Furthermore, swim parkas can also help improve your swimming performance, which is the reality. Numerous studies show that sim parkas reduce muscle temperature loss, especially after warm-up. This study also concluded that swimmers that had a traditional pool warm-up and then swim parkas improved their swimming performance, speed, and efficiency. In addition, swim parkas are also very versatile. They can be used as a blanket, winter jackets, gear storage unit, uniform when there is team branding, and of course, as a big old jacket. Its primary function, though, is to keep you warm. Swim Parkas are mostly the same across all brands, but each has distinctive features that make it different.

  Below are the best five swim parkas in 2021;

Speedo Team Swim Parka

The Speedo Team Swim Parka is a standard and awesome swim parka. It has a simple, clean look, and it’s got everything needed in a swim parka to guarantee warmth and make you feel comfortable. The Speedo team swim parka has a water-resistant( made of nylon) exterior design, which comes in handy on soggy pool decks. Its interior has high-quality polyester fleece lining which keeps it nice and increases warmth. 

In addition, this parka also includes fleece-lined zipper pockets on the outside and an internal zip pocket for additional accessories. Besides that, the hood comes with an adjustable drawcord which allows you to adjust to personal fit. You can also store your essential equipment, such as caps or goggles, in the front pocket of this parka. However, the only con of the Speedo team swim parka is that it has a narrow interior. It is available in different color options, which allows you to choose your favorite color. The Speedo Team Swim Parka also comes in unisex sizing.

Adoretex Swimmer’s Parka

The Adoretex Swimmer’s Parka is a famous parka suitable for swimming, water polo, and various other games. Like the Speedo swim park, it comes with a fleece interior, and a water-resistant( Oxford nylon) outer layer, a drawstring hood, reinforced seams & lined pockets. The interior fleece lining is rather soft and warm, keeps you comfortable, blocks the heat from outside in summer, and helps lock out wind during cold weather. The fleece lining is designed to quickly dry, making it preferred for people who use parka for many events. Its two exterior zippers provide small safe storage. In addition, you can use the Adoretex Swimmer’s Parka as a changing robe.

TYR Alliance Team Parka

The TYR Alliance Team Parka is designed to give thermal protection to aquatic athletes who demand it. They’re cozy and ideal for cold weather and are also engineered to prevent water penetration and wind. Its Raglan sleeves allow for comfortable movement. The Alliance Team parka has an internal zippered pocket, and its interior and exterior pockets allows secure storage and organization.

In addition, it has elements such as velcro sleeve closure, pull tab zippers, and barrel lock hood, while its front and back venting allows temperature regulation. Besides that, it also features a pocket in which you can keep your smartphone. This pocket has a Velcro closure that ensures your phone doesn’t bounce out of your pocket when you’re running or doing other things. The TYR Alliance parka takes comfort and heat-retention to the max with its loaded features.

Surf-fur Swimming Parka

The next parka on this list is the great Sulf-fur Swimming Parka. It is designed with high-quality materials and fabrics, which makes it windproof and waterproof. This parka also has the necessary features of a parka, such as a hood and pockets. Its deep front pocket allows for safe storage, and you can keep your smartphone or swim gear in it. In addition, the surf-fur is made of quality snaps instead of regular zippers. These snaps are better than zippers as they help maximize warmth and are more durable. 

 Another cool feature of the Surf-fur Swimming Parka is that it can be worn both sides round for added versatility- i.e., you can flip it inside out if you want. 

The Speedo Color Block Swim Parka

The Speedo Color Block Swim Parka is another product from the Speedo brand. It has 100% polyester fleece internal lining and waterproof polyester on the outside. It’s an excellent parka as it features a 2-way zipper, 3 pockets with all its pockets having fleece linings to keep your hands warm when you pocket. Apart from keeping you warm, the pocket also serves as safe storage for your gadgets. Its hood has a drawstring that allows you to adjust to your personal fit. The Speedo Color Block Swim parka is compact and can easily be folded, making it an excellent travel choice.


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