Best Swim Paddles for Swimming

Best Swim Paddles for Swimming

Swim paddles are one of the essential pieces of equipment on the pool deck. They’re similar to using fins or flippers, and when you use them properly, they can help develop strength and power in your lower body. Besides that, paddles can help perfect your technique and provide variety when training. In addition, using a set of swim paddles along with a good pull buoy can give your upper body a power-based pounding, helping strengthen your pulling motion and strokes. Swimming paddles are crucial and useful gear for swimmers of all levels.

 For most people, getting the right and best paddles can be challenging. The best swim hand paddles are made of durable material and are usually fairly priced. These paddles should also have features that make them easy to use and make you comfortable. Below are the best swim paddles in 2021;

Speedo Power Paddle Plus

The Speedo Power Paddle Plus has uniquely crafted edges to help push you through the water with an adequate amount of catch. It allows water to pass through to give you complete control over your pull. In addition, this swim paddle is durable and has multiple options for straps. And most of the time, beginner swimmers will use both the wrist and finger strap, but it’s best to use the middle finger only. Speedo Power Paddle Plus is available in four size options.

Finis Agility Paddles

These are excellent swim paddles manufactured by a leading innovator in the swimming community- Finis. The advanced design of these paddles is second to none, and they’re also unique because they’re strapless. Their strapless design gives you instant feedback on all your strokes. If the paddle slips off, then that means there is a flaw in your stroke. They come in different sizes; small, medium, and large. In addition, an extra feature of these swim paddles is that they float.

Speedshop Strokemaker Paddles

The Speedshop Strokemaker Paddles is one of the popular pairs of paddles you’ll find on the market or any pool deck. They’re excellent for lap swimming though they do not have some of the fancier features of other swim paddles on this list. It’s advised to keep the wrist strap of these paddles on, as this allows your hand to remain open and relaxed.

Speedo Nemesis Contour Swim Paddles

This pair of swim paddles has a design inspired by the Humpback whale fin with tubercles along the edges. This helps increase surface area along the edges, providing increased resistance to build strength. Their scalloped edges also help increase the amount of water you pull with every stroke, therefore improving mechanics. In addition, their contoured design helps keep the hands in the correct position for water entry which prevents shoulder pain.

 Start Smart Contoured Training Hand Swim Paddles

The contoured design of these swim paddles helps you assume the optimal hand positioning and swim form during all phases of the stroke. They are perfect for improving your form and stroke. These paddles are also the most ergonomic, with many small perforation and water channels. They offer the right amount of resistance to build strength and train for an extended duration without having shoulder strain. In addition, they’re very durable, provide maximum comfort, and are designed to fit swimmers of all levels.

Aqua Sphere ErgoFlex paddles

These swim paddles have an optimal design and rubber construction, making them among the best swim paddles. They have no holes and are large in size. That way, they can quickly provide good resistance forcing the upper body to work harder and building muscle strength. Their contoured shape fits into your hand’s natural curve, mimics proper hand positioning, and can also flex to fit individual stroke mechanics. With the adjustable wrist strap and contoured design, these paddles stay on well. The straps are tough, and they’re well made to last long.

Speedo I.M. Tech Training Swim Paddles

These paddles are designed to help improve your stroke techniques for butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, or freestyle swimming. Speedo I.M. Tech multi-purpose swim paddles help build arm strength and endurance, develop proper form, improve arm rotation and increase swimming speed. The tubing straps secure them to your hand, and they remain rigid without them loosening up. You can also interchange the paddles between the right and left hands, depending on the stroke technique you’re working on.

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