A step stool gives a toddler an extra inch to reach new heights, thereby making them feel more independent when it comes to toilet training. Aside from being useful in the toilet/bathroom, step stools are excellent to have around the home. They can be of need when your little cutie wants to help out in the kitchen and other needs too. Some step stools come with a high maximum weight limit, making them useful for kids and adults. However, it is crucial to get step stools made of durable material. Besides that, they must also have the right safety features, like a non-slip surface and base. You should also consider the height and stability, lightweight, and cost. Below are the best toddler step stools on the market.

Bumbo Step Stool

This elephant’s foot-inspired step stoop is an ideal investment to help your toddler comfortable during toilet training, as they learn how to go to the toilet and also wash their hands. It is made of durable materials and steady enough for a wiggly toddler. In addition, this step stool also comes with anti-skid rubber all over the surface and underneath the feet to help prevent slipping. Besides that, it measures 6.5 inches high and 11 inches wide which is right for toilet training. It is also lightweight and easy to move around, so your little ones can conveniently use it for their business. When they are done, they can simply pick it up and move to the sink to wash their hands. The maximum weight limit for this step stool is 110 pounds.

Step Stools for Kids (2 pack)

These step stools for kids have everything you need for a step stool. These dual height step stools measure 10.5 inches tall for the top step and 5.5 for the lower step. These steps are also large enough to conveniently accommodate larger feet. In addition, they come with slip-resistant, extra-thick rubber feet at the base to help prevent falls. Besides that, the surface comes with another layer of protection with non-slip rubber, which is super comfy to stand on. Step Stools for Kids (2 pack) can carry up to 175 pounds, making it suitable for adults. And with two step stools in a pack, you can have one for yourself to help you out in the kitchen or around the house while your child has the other one. Finally, they are also lightweight and easy to transport.

Disney Minnie Mouse Step Stool

This Disney Minnie Mouse-inspired step stool is a combination of cuteness and functionality. It comes in bright colors of pink and purple, with a large Disney sticker at the front. Although, not on the taller side, with just over 5 inches high, it is still good enough for toilet training. In addition, the shape is a bonus, as it comes in a curved shape to fit as close to the toilet as possible. It is made of strong and sturdy material for safety. Besides that, it has rubber at the surface and feet to help keep the step stool in place and prevent accidents. Disney Minnie Mouse Step Stool can support up to 200 pounds, which is great for adult use. Weighing just a pound, your toddler can lift it and move from the toilet to the sink with no hassle. 

Utopia Home Kids Step Stool

Looking for a step stool that is affordable yet space-efficient and safe, then you have this one. This step stool from Utopia Home will help is affordable and gives you the good features you are looking out for. In addition, it is made with multiple layers of polypropylene plastic, making it odor-resistant. Like the step stools above, the surface is covered with anti-slip material, so be rest assured your little one won’t slip. This foldable step stool is super portable and easy to carry around with its handle. Utopia Home Kids Step Stool measures 11.4 inches in width and 8.7 inches high, good enough for toilet training. The simple kid step stool is available in three cool colors, white, black and blue.

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Step Stool

Aside from being safe for use, your little boy will love this fun-designed step stool. This lightweight step stool from Nickelodeon is excellent for boys’ toilet training boys. The Fun Nickelodeon theme is one they would find so exciting- everything is blue and red with stickers from their favorite show. The step stool is made with thick material, meaning it is extra durable and capable of holding up to 200 pounds. The non-skid rubber on the surface feet helps prevent your kid from slipping. This rubber on the surface is removable for proper cleaning of the step stool. Finally, it measures less than five inches tall, meaning it can be a little short for smaller kids.

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