Babies can do just fine without safety helmets, provided you keep an eye on them. However, if you’re obsessed with keeping your kid safe, you might find one helpful. Injuries are inevitable as soon as babies begin to learn to crawl or walk because they want to explore their world independently. And because we cannot always control or prevent them from exploring, safety helmets can help protect their little developing head. Baby safety helmets are designed to give your little one an added layer of protection and give you a little more peace of mind. To protect your baby’s head, you can try the baby safety helmets mentioned below.

Elenker Adjustable Baby Safety Helmet for Infants

This adjustable safety helmet is perfect for babies 8 months or older. And just like its name implies ‘adjustable,’ it will grow with your baby and serve them right till age 5. The helmet will give your little one’s head 360-degree protection because it comes with solid shock absorption. In addition, it also features a detachable visor to protect your little one’s face during fall. This is an extra feature because most helmets lack it. Besides that, an adjustable chin strap allows you to fit the helmet to your baby’s comfort. 

Furthermore, this non-toxic, odorless baby helmet is made of material that allows good air permeability. It is washable and available in multiple different colors to pick from. Not to forget, its magic tape loosens if your child becomes caught up in something. For an all-around head coverage, Elenker Adjustable Baby Safety Helmet for Infants is a great pick.

Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet

Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet is a great protector for active or babies learning how to crawl or walk. This extra lightweight helmet won’t weigh down your baby’s head, and he’ll quickly adjust to crawling with it on. The shock absorption and impact-resistant materials will protect your baby from all of those upcoming bumps and bruises. In addition, it is sweat-resistant and will allow ventilation to help prevent overheating. Newcomdigi Infant Safety Helmet is durable, adjustable, and suitable for babies from 2 months to 5 years.

Huifen Baby Protective Harnesses Cap

This baby helmet is a combination of cuteness and function. As your little one learns to crawl, Huifen Baby Protective Harnesses Cap will provide protection and cushioning for your baby’s developing head. It is lightweight and sweat-resistant. Aside from giving your baby 360-degree head coverage, it also has openings that allow enough airflow to your baby’s head, thereby preventing overheating. In addition, its adjustable chin strap makes sure the helmet is in place. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and perfect for kids aged 2 months to 5 years.

Simplicity Baby Infant No Bumps Safety Bonnet

Although this baby helmet does not cover the entire head, it’s ideal for parents who are just looking for a little extra protection. You will find this baby helmet a little more flexible than most brands on the market. Besides that, the flexibility and more open construct of this helmet is one that you will love so much. And because it looks more of a hat than a helmet, your baby is likely much more going to feel comfortable with it. However, this affordable helmet can fit a head circumference of 18 to 20, so your little one might probably outgrow it sooner than most helmets. It is, however, a perfect alternative if you worry your little one may struggle to get used to a fuller helmet. It is safe for use and easy to wash.

Thudguard Protective Infant Safety Helmet

This helmet is made of lightweight foam, so you need not worry about the helmet putting pressure on your little one’s developing neck muscles. This extra lightweight baby helmet offers 360-degree coverage, likewise providing excellent ventilation. The one-and-a-half-inch thick foam has been well tested and can absorb the impacts of falls, thuds, and bumps. In addition, this helmet features a comfy circumference stretchy band that allows the helmet to fit conveniently and grow with your child until the age of 3. It comes in one size that suits all children in that age range, so you need not worry about finding the right starting size. You can go wrong with Thudguard Protective Infant Safety Helmet, as it protects your little one from potential head injuries


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