Babies are capable of giving their faces awful scratches as soon as they can control their hands. The best way to prevent this is by always getting their fingernails trimmed. To do this, baby nail clippers are precisely the tools you need. They are simple tools you can use to protect your little one’s tender skin. The baby nail clippers mentioned below are baby-friendly, will get into their nails quickly, clip their nails, and you will be done before they get a chance to fuss.

Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors

Do you intend to give baby nail scissors a trial? Then try this out. This baby nail clipper has a safety cover and can be easily kept in a diaper bag, pouch, or bag. Besides that, its handle is not one-sided, meaning it fits well on either hand, making it an excellent pick for left-handed people. In addition, it is easier to glide in an arc around the edges of your little one’s nails. Its rounded tips offer another layer of safety, making it safer than random scissors with sharp points. This would help prevent you from injuring yourself and your baby should he suddenly decide to fidget or jerk during the process.

Little Martin’s Drawer Electronic Baby Nail Clipper

This very functional electronic baby nail clipper can be used on babies and adults, thus saving you extra bucks. You will love this nail clipper because it gives you more control and helps speed up the entire process. The baby nail clipper is designed with your kid’s safety and comfort in mind. It comes with three cushioned sandpapers and is gentle against kids’ tender nails. In addition, it also comes with a LED front light, so you can easily cut your baby’s nails even in the dark. Besides that, its motor is quiet, meaning you can trim your baby’s nails even when he/she is asleep. 

Furthermore, with just a push of a button and to get the perfect trim for your little one, choose from the multiple speed and rotation settings that best suit your child. Adults would also love that it comes with another three attachments specially designed for them.

Safety 1st Steady Grip Clipper

Safety 1st Steady Grip Clipper is highly affordable yet functional. This simple design baby nail clipper is straightforward to use, making it an excellent choice for moms who don’t like fancy gadgets. It has a simple, curved edge that will do a perfect job of safeguarding the corners of your child’s fingertips. In addition, the large, soft-touch of the clipper ensures comfort while clipping. The handle is covered with a non-slip material to ensure that your fingers do not constantly slip off as you trim your kid’s nails. With Safety 1st Steady Grip Clipper, you can achieve accurate trimming because you get to see precisely where you are positioning the blade on your baby’s nail.

Fridababy SnipperClipper Set

This baby nail clipper is designed with newborns’ safety and comfort in mind. This set is one of the best nail clippers for preemies and small newborns you can find on the market. It comes with features that ensure your little babies get their tiny fingernails well-trimmed without any form of injury. On the safety side, it comes with a patented spy hole that allows you to see exactly where and what you are clipping to help prevent cuts. Besides that, it also has curved, overlapping blades for a smooth cut every time.

In addition to the nail clipper is an S-shape nail file specially designed for newborns. You can use the file to file off sharp edges or file them down between trimmings to help eliminate scratches. Finally, it might also interest you that the Fridababy SnipperClipper Set works on anyone of any age, so you will be able to use it as your child grows.

Baby Comfy Care Safety Nail Clipper

Baby Comfy Care Safety Nail Clipper will help ease all the stress accompanying trimming your little one’s nails. Although large and sturdy, adults can easily hold it and use it with no hassle at all. The safety nail clipper uses a single blade. This gives you full confidence when it comes to cutting tiny nails. In addition, there is a ledge underneath the blade to help keep your little one’s skin out of the line of fire when you press down on the clipper. You can also press your little one’s fingertip up closer against the ledge for a shorter cut. With Baby Comfy Care Safety Nail Clipper, the chores of trimming your baby’s nails will be a much faster process.


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