Best Lactation Teas for Improved Milk Supply

Best Lactation Teas for Improved Milk Supply

Some moms are high on milk supply, while others need a little help with their milk supply, which is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. Whether you are a new mom, or this is just another child of yours, and you are low on milk, or you are not a fan of supporting breast milk with baby formula, you might want to consider lactation tea. The best lactation teas can help improve milk supply. However, if you want to try lactation teas, one of the herbs you want to check out is fenugreek. It’s a real star amongst breast milk-boosting herbs. But, if you are allergic to fenugreek, there are other options that are free of fenugreek and also very efficient in improving milk supply. Here are the best lactation teas that will help boost your milk production available on the market.

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Lactation Tea

Traditional Medicinals Mother’s Milk Lactation Tea is certified organic and rated one of the best lactation teas on the market. This tea contains five galactagogues: blessed thistle, fenugreek, coriander, anise, and fennel, making it ideal for women who want to add numerous galactagogues into their breastfeeding tea. However, ladies who are allergic to any plant related to parsley or chamomile should avoid it because it may exacerbate their allergy symptoms. Even though this tea has a strong odor right out of the package, you should give it a try because some moms say the flavor is better than the scent.

Reasons to buy

It is caffeine-free and certified organic.

It contains fenugreek seeds.

Pink Stork Lactation Herbal Mint Tea

This famous organic lactation tea is designed to increase milk flow and production. Fennel seed, marshmallow root, fenugreek, anise, licorice root, blessed thistle, and spearmint are all included in this whole leaf breastfeeding tea. In a box, you’ll find 15 tea sachets that produce 30 cups of tea (each sachet makes two cups). We recommend making a cup to drink hot and then saving the other in the fridge because it may be enjoyed cold. It works best when taken 1-3 times per day.

Reasons to buy

You can enjoy this tea hot or cold.

It helps improves milk flow and taste.

The yummy mint flavor is strong and delicious.

Earth Mama Organics-Milkmaid Tea

Earth Mama Organics packaging is produced with 85 percent recycled materials, which is ideal for environmentally conscious mamas. This tea is also Kosher-certified and 100 percent organic. Earth Mama Organics has a range of teas that are beneficial to expectant and nursing mothers. From heartburn relief to postpartum discomfort relief, there’s something for everyone. The Milkmaid tea was made to increase and support breastfeeding production. The Milkmaid tea contains galactagogues, as well as mineral-rich plants, including fennel and fenugreek. For a refreshing change, try it hot or iced.

Reasons to buy

It is easy to prepare.

You can take it hot or cold.

This is certified kosher.

It’s 100 percent organic.

Upspring Lactation Tea Chai Latte

This powder chai latte is a tasty, soothing, and warming tea. It’s simple to make and has a slew of advantages. It promotes a healthy milk supply, increases a mother’s fluid intake, has a lovely taste, and lactation professionals recommend it. It’s a formula with fenugreek, blessed thistle, and anise as breast milk boosters. It works with your body to assist the hormones that naturally boost your milk supply. This drink made from natural ingredients will help you produce more milk, making it easier to nurse your baby. As a pleasant alternative to fenugreek pills, you should take this one to three times each day. 

Reasons to buy

It helps promote milk supply.

It comprises natural ingredients and is the only chai-flavored fenugreek lactation supplement on the market.

You can have it hot or cold or as a smoothie!

Oat Mama Lactation Tea

Oat Mama lactation tea is a fenugreek-free lactation tea with a blend of herbs like the hibiscus flower, fennel seed, nettle leaf, raspberry leaf, and alfalfa that aids breastfeeding mamas. For moms who enjoy flavored teas, this lactation tea is a great choice. A percentage of the proceeds will go to Mother’s Milk Bank, which provides breast milk to babies in the neonatal intensive care unit. This tea has naturally delicious blueberry, and pomegranate tastes that you will like. This tea will offer you a surge of energy while being caffeine-free.

Reasons to buy

It is easy to prepare.

This tea doesn’t have that overpowering licorice flavor some lactation teas have.

It comes in more than one flavor.

It doesn’t contain fenugreek.

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