Working out with archaic equipment might not really be a good option for someone who wishes to upgrade fitness and workout schemes. As technology is advancing almost every day, top-quality high-tech fitness gadgets are also emerging from their hood to replace the old ones. If you are a serious athlete or workout nut, our list of carefully selected smart fitness gadgets will get you to the next level and beyond what you anticipated. These fitness gadgets might be the motivation you actually need. Try them to discover which technology can help you achieve within a short period. 

We rounded up these fitness gadgets based on a low and high budget plan. You don’t have to worry about shedding tons of cash on each of them as these products are relatively cheap compared to thousands in the market. 

Sunny health and fitness magnetic mini exercise bike

This fitness gadget helps burn some calories while at work or during leisure time in the comfort of your home. The new Sunny Health & Fitness Mini Exercise bike can be easily mobilized anywhere you want due to its portable size. Besides having a reliable and quiet magnetic system, it also contains LCD digital displays for time, distance traveled, speed, ODM, and the calories burnt. It also comes with safety pedal straps that work well with both arms and feet. With a simple turning, you can decrease or increase the resistance it gives you so your workout can remain effective and challenging throughout your fitness journey. 


Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

The most expensive and the best Samsung smart fitness watch is the Galaxy Watch 3. This offers you a lot despite being slimmer and less bulky than the previous Samsung watches in the market. It’s a great tool for anyone wishing to have a watch with lots of fitness tracking features that keep you motivated on your fitness journey. It gives you the feature to call, text, or get notifications via Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. It comes in two connectivity styles: LTE and Bluetooth. 


-Battery life last more than 48Hours 

-Storage: 8GB

-50m Water resistance depth 


-Heart rate sensor


NordicTrack Commercial 1750

If you want a very quiet treadmill, you will make a good choice with a NordicTrack Commercial 1750. This treadmill offers you a lot with a 3.75 CHP motor and attains speeds of up to 12 mph, making it a great deal for long-distance running as well as steady and smooth training. It has a built-in 10-inch touch screen control panel for easy accessibility and allows you to flip between workout programs, as well as check mileage numbers and calories. Another great deal is that you’ll also be able to gain more experience by running through a virtual street by checking out Google Street Views and using the built-in HD video feature that offers exercise paths around the globe. 


-Tablet holder

-Bluetooth Audio Capability 

-60-inch by 22-inch tread belt

-Heart rate monitoring

-Weighs 300LBS


Quell Wearable Pain Relief Technology Kit

After a workout, you might definitely feel some aches. With this product, you get rid of the aches easily without medication. This amazing fiitness gadget is designed for use during the day while active and at any other time. It works by stimulating the sensory nerves around the body part you feel the pains and aches with safe and precise electrical pulses to trigger a natural pain relief response. Durable fabric and robust velcro closure designed for longer wear prevent overlap of the velcro onto your clothing. 


– Compatible Connectivity with your Apple Watch

-Relieves chronic foot, leg, arm, and knee pain

-Gives you the best result with the Quell Relief app for iPhone and Android smartphones

-Includes 1 Quell device, 1 month supply of electrodes, 1 wearable band, and 1 device charger.

-A new 100% drug-free pain relief technology upgrade for you. 


Fusion motion portable gym with 8 accessories

This gym pack brings the gym to you anytime and, of course, anywhere. This affordable pack can help you reach your workout goals over a short period. As a beginner, you get off the stress of going to a gym center. No monthly payment of gym fee, and bye-bye to boring workouts. This Fusion Motion is one of the best Amazon’s choice home gyms for you as a beginner. It’s a convenient smart pack to get a total-body workout at home, outside, traveling, at the office, or even at the gym.


RopeFit Heavy Jump Rope

This new upgrade helps you burn extra calories with its super thickness that makes it heavier than any other jump rope . The RopeFit pick is made from a rugged, high-quality poly-dacron rope and weighs up to 8 pounds, depending on which version of thickness you choose to buy. It’s readily available in both 1.5 inches and 2 inches thickness and comes in two length options. You are advised to choose the 10-foot rope if you are 6 feet tall, while you can choose a 9-foot rope if your height is lower. This is the best for weight loss and muscle building because it is significantly heavier than any regular jump rope you might come across here.


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