Best Fertility Trackers/Monitors for Women

Conceiving is pretty easy for some lucky women, while for others growing a family can be so hard or take longer than expected. So, if you want to conceive, it is very essential to know your fertility window in order to properly time intercourse. And thankfully, there are lots of helpful tools out there that can help you in finding the perfect date to have intercourse to increase your chances of conceiving. We will focus on a popular choice among potential moms-to-be, which is fertility trackers/monitors.

The best fertility trackers will help boost your awareness surrounding your fertility throughout your menstrual cycle. However, depending on the type you buy, they may monitor changes in the hormone levels in your urine. Some will check your basal body temperature or perhaps a combination of both and more. Generally, the best fertility trackers will relieve you of guesswork and help improve your chances of conceiving. Mentioned here are the 5 best fertility trackers/monitors for women.



OvaCue Fertility Monitor

Topping our list of the best fertility trackers is the Ovacue fertility monitor. OvaCue’s fertility monitor is a portable device with a color screen and two sensors. One sensor is placed in your mouth to monitor your saliva, while the other is placed near your cervix. Because this is a dual-purpose device, it will assist you in determining when you are ovulating. When your body transitions from progesterone dominance to estrogen dominance, the vaginal sensor will detect it. This will indicate whether or not ovulation has occurred. This is especially useful for women who have irregular periods because the sensor can still detect a pattern.

The oral sensor, on the other hand, will read and record the electrolyte resistance as soon as it is placed in the mouth. It will tell you which days are your “peaks” and which are your “lows” in this section. Then it will give you a fruitful window and a five- to a seven-day advance warning. However, it is critical to follow the instructions in order to fully comprehend how the sensors operate and what to watch for. All these great features make Ovacue one of the best fertility trackers on this guide.

Reasons to buy

A great pick for irregular periods

It is fairly easy to take readings and super accurate

It is a two-way monitor device

Ava Fertility Tracker

Ava’s wearable fertility tracker is pleasant and simple to use, measuring a variety of vital data such as skin temperature, sleep, physiological stress level, and resting heart rate. Simply wear the bracelet for at least four hours overnight, then sync it with the appropriate smartphone app first thing in the morning. After synchronizing, the app will display all of your data, and the algorithm will begin to find trends to assist you in predicting your fertile window. You’re eligible for a full refund if you wear the Ava bracelet for at least a year and don’t conceive during that time frame.

Reasons to buy

It is easy to use

You only need to wear it for four hours

It comes with 1-year pregnancy guarantee

Lady-Comp Fertility Monitor

This device is extremely simple to use, requiring only 30 seconds of your time each day. Simply take your temperature with the attached thermometer when you wake up. The Lady-Comp will next determine whether or not you are fertile. This fertility monitor is simple to use and does not require the purchase of extra test strips. A green or red light will appear once you have taken your temperature. The green light signifies that you are infertile, whereas the red light suggests that you are fertile. The red warning sign for fertile periods comes from Lady Comp’s advertising as all-natural birth control. It’s also an excellent option for when the time comes, and you’re ready to start a family.

Reasons to buy

It is super easy to use

No need for additional accessories.

It is an all-natural method of birth control.

Mira Fertility Plus

Mira’s computerized fertility monitor is both adorable and practical. The circular device fits in the palm of your hand and includes a large digital display that is easy to see. It also includes the estrogen and LH testing wands, as well as everything else you’ll need to get started. The business is also working on progesterone wands, which will provide a more comprehensive view of your fertility window. Each morning, you simply pee on a wand and insert it into the monitor. It’s that simple. However, a bit of a drawback is that the reading takes 16 minutes to complete. Nevertheless, when compared to the option of having your blood drawn and waiting for the findings, women feel this is a little inconvenient.

Reasons to buy

It tracks multiple hormone levels.

The brand gives a 90-day money-back guarantee

It comes with a comprehensive kit

Tempdrop Fertility Tracker

With two different ways to wear the Tempdrop, it’s easier to keep track of your fertile days. The Tempdrop can be worn on your upper arm with the accompanying strap so that it sits in your armpit. You can also wear a high-fitting sports bra to bed and tuck the gadget into your bra without the wearing strap. To turn the Tempdrop on, press and hold the button for five seconds, then go to Apple or Google Play and download the app. To sign up, you’ll need to provide your email address and establish a username. Then you’ll put the Tempdrop on according to the instructions and go to sleep as usual. Remove the device and place it near your smartphone when you get up in the morning. All of your information will be downloaded to your app, and you will have access to it. 

Reasons to buy

It is easy to use

The directions that come with the Tempdrop are explained well

The battery lasts for up to six months and can be replaced

It allows you to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius

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