Looking for the ideal way to build a bond with your newborn from the very beginning? We all are aware of how crucial those first few months can be with a new baby. And If you’re already a parent, chances are you will have heard about the positive benefits of skin-to-skin contact. You might want to consider buying a babywearing shirt from the best babywearing shirt brands. Like baby carriers, the best babywearing shirt is a unique way to keep your baby close during this especially needy time. This shirt is stretchy and fitted with a womb-like pouch built right in, making skin-to-skin contact with your little one.

The best babywearing shirt will help support premature babies, regulate a baby’s heart rate, encourage breastfeeding, ensure a calming and relaxing experience, likewise allow regulation of body temperature for the baby. However, since a babywearing shirt is specially for newborns, you won’t be able to use one for a very long time. Mentioned below are the best babywearing shirt brands available on the market.

Women’s Babywearing Sweatshirt

The majority of babywearing shirts are appropriate for the spring and summer months. This one, on the other hand, is ideal for the cooler months of the year. This babywearing sweatshirt was designed to be worn with a babywearing t-shirt or a front-facing baby carrier. It comes with two inserts, one for maternity and one for carrying your infant. All you have to do is zip the one you want in. We think it’s cute that there’s even a hood to keep the cold at bay. It’s composed of a soft polar fleece that’ll keep you toasty while you’re wearing it. In addition, it has a modern style, with a grey hood and a bright-colored teal hood, so you can stay warm while looking stylish.

Reasons to buy

It is made from warm polar fleece.

It is compatible with carriers and shirts.

Works for pregnancy, too!

Lalabu Soothe Shirt

The Lalabu is a nursing tank with a pouch on the outside that allows you to easily put your baby into it like a kangaroo. When your baby grows taller, an extra length of fabric at the top serves as adjustable head support and extension. However, you can still use it as a nursing tank later. The Lalabu is a full tank top with a mesh panel between your belly and the baby. That means you won’t get the same level of skin-to-skin touch as you would with other options. Besides that, you’ll also need to maintain one hand on your infant at all times because this isn’t a hands-free solution. 

Reasons to buy

It is multifunctional.

It is comfortable to use 

NuRoo Pocket

The NuRoo Pocket shirt is a 90% polyester, 10% spandex combination that is breathable and moisture-wicking. This shirt fits most body shapes and comes in sizes ranging from extra small to XX-large. This 3-in-1 babywearing shirt complies with baby carrier guidelines and has been tested to support newborns weighing up to 45 pounds. However, this garment is suitable for babies weighing less than 15 pounds. It also permits mothers to successfully carry premature babies weighing four pounds or more.

Furthermore, the NuRoo Pocket allows mothers of tiny newborns or preemie babies to babywear because many structured carriers have a weight minimum of eight pounds, which prevents smaller premature babies from being carried. The infant is lying near to your bare skin, allowing for the most skin-to-skin contact possible. The inside of the garment has a pocket where you can put the infant. After that, the shirt’s sides wrap around the baby. It ensures a snug and secure fit. A waist belt keeps the baby from slipping down, allowing you to have a hands-free experience. The garment is made to allow the baby and mother to have the most skin-to-skin contact possible.

Reasons to buy

It gives a hands-free experience, and it’s machine washable.

It creates a secure and snug fit and enables maximum skin-to-skin contact.

Moby Bump & Beyond T-Shirt

The back wrap supports your spine and improves posture, making this shirt ideal for anyone with back trouble. This relieves the strain on your back during pregnancy and after delivery. Your baby can stay here from the time he’s born until he weighs 19.8 pounds. If you like skin-to-skin shirts, the fact that you can wear them for several months will make you happy. It’s also fantastic because this may be worn as a pregnancy tee. This will make your pregnant belly happy and comfortable before your kid arrives. In addition, this breathable, machine-washable fabric is both comfy and low-maintenance for you and your baby. If it becomes soiled, toss it in the washing machine with your other items for a quick wash.

Reasons to buy

It supports babies like a carrier does, so you can go hands-free while wearing it.

You can also nurse your baby while wearing it.

There are different sizes, including plus-size options.

Suitable for newborns, up to 19.8 pounds.

Vija Men’s Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt

It shouldn’t be moms always, right?! If you agree to this, then this Vija Men’s Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Care T-Shirt is for you. Babywearing can be beneficial to new dads as well! The Vija Skin-to-Skin Kangaroo Shirt for Dads consists of a comfortable cotton/jersey blend and is handcrafted in Canada. This shirt has a neutral heathered gray tone that combines well with a hoodie or flannel button-down and is ideal for babies up to 15 pounds. However, keep in mind that the extra-large suits a chest size of 50–53 inches if you’re giving this shirt to a new parent.

Reasons to buy

It gives room for new dads to babywear too.

It is comfortable to wear and comes in a neutral color that blends with all outfits.

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