Whether you are wrapping up your little kid after hours of splashing around, or you all are just chilling in the sand by the seaside, having good quality beach towels for your kids to dry off is absolutely necessary. Beach towels come in handy and are an essential part of any trip to the sea or the swimming pool. So, if you are planning a trip to the beach or going for a swim, you must be well-prepared with the best luxury beach towels for your kids. A regular bathing towel is just not enough for your precious kids.

Are you wondering why you can not tag along with your kids’ regular bathing towels rather than purchase beach towels for your kids? Well, beach towels are thinner than bath towels, thus making them quicker to dry out. They are also easy to fold up and throw in a bag without taking up much space. Many also come with beautiful features like sand resistance and are super absorbent, which is why you need a good beach towel. We bring you the best beach towels for you and your kids that are not only functional but also cute and adorable.

Rainleaf Microfiber Beach Towel

Aside from functioning as a beach towel, this towel is also ideal for travel, camping, gym, backpacking, and swimming. This fiber-blended towel is super compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry, fold and store. One fantastic feature is that it is sand resistant, so you can place your towel on the beach sand, enjoy the cool water and dry off your body without worrying about your towel being caked with sand. In addition, this soft beach towel from Rainleaf is skin-friendly, super absorbent, and dries fast. Its beautiful color makes it much suitable for multi-use daily.

Microfiber Unicorn Beach Towel for Kids

This beautiful beach towel comes in a bright color that will make you stand out on the beach. The towel does wonders in wicking away moisture in an instant. Besides that, it is also lightweight and folds into a tiny little package, taking nearly zero space in your bag. It is super soft and tender on the skin, making it ideal for even the most sensitive skin. It is made of top-grade microfiber, polyester, and nylon.

Microfiber Unicorn Beach Towel does not only give you an enjoyable beach time but can also serve as your best choice towel when traveling. This beach towel measures 30 inches by 60 inches and offers great coverage. In addition, it is really absorbent, machine-washable, dries quickly, and it’s sand resistant. Finally, should the towel begin to fade or get a hole after a long time of use, it can be great for upholstery cleaning. There is a larger size for adults , so you’re not left out.

Kaufman Personalized Striped Beach Towel for Kids

This beach towel by Kaufman is 100% cotton. It comes in pink and yellow stripes, making it easy to spot from a mile away, plus over 15 other patterns and colors. One amazing thing is you can personalize yours, where you can pick your preferred font and thread colors, cool, right?!. The monogramming does not come with any added charge, making the customized towel a better-priced one. It is suitable for all, so everyone in the family can have one each to themselves. In addition, this beach towel can also serve as a gift. It is highly absorbent, sand-resistant, easy to wash, and dries quickly.

Quick Dry Beach Towel by Dock & Bay 

Quick Dry Beach Towels by Dock & Bay are super great towels, featuring all you need in a beach towel. This lightweight drys quickly, about 3 times faster than regular toweling material. In addition, it holds more than its own weight in water, meaning it is super absorbent, and with just a shake, you get all sand off. This compact beach towel folds up into a smaller form and takes just a little space in your pouch. It has great designs, from striped towels to jungle prints to one color. You can personalize this towel to suit your taste, and it’s available in extra-large sizes. There is also an elastic hook in the package to hang out the towel to dry. It is suitable for kids aged 4 years and above.

Disney Store Moana Beach Towel 

This super-soft beach towel is made of 100% cotton, super-absorbent, and machine washable. The fun beach towel comes in beautiful print, featuring Moana and her cute pig friend Pua. Disney Store Moana Beach Towel is skin-friendly, sand resistant, and dries up quickly. It’s a great pick your little girl will surely find appealing. It’s suitable for kids of age 4 years and above.


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