Best Barbells for Strength Training

Best Barbells for Strength Training

Weight-lifting can be an exquisite way to get a workout, and if you’re looking to stock up on weight-training equipment, a set of barbells can be an excellent choice for you. A barbell is a (generally heavy) steel bar that may accommodate a range of different weight plates. Due to this fact, barbells and weight plates are typically sold seperately. That way, you may easily customize the intensity of your weight training routine via stocking up on a group of weight plates that will be just right for you. Barbells could be bigger, unwieldy, and harder to manage than other home weight training equipment. However, they’re vital if you want to work with heavyweights. 

Barbells are great tools for any fitness level and might be used for practically any kind of lifting. In addition, you can use a barbell for various exercises, including squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and more. And since barbells are mostly long and thin, they have an inclination to be relatively small space-friendly, making them a great addition to your at-home fitness routine. 

There is an array of various barbells (both online and in stores), so it is imperative to decide on one that matches your needs and workouts. Below are barbell options worth considering, according to trainers, for general use, powerlifting, and Olympic training.

CAP barbell 7-foot Olympic bar

The CAP Barbell Beast Olympic Bar is an all-round Olympic barbell you can use during Crossfit, weight-lifting, simple strength training, and many more. It’s crafted from high-strength steel and can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of weight at a go. It’s built of 120,000 PSI tensile strength cold-rolled Japanese steel with a black oxide finish and weighs a massive 44 pounds. Besides that, it is also lined with multiple grip positions, which are textured to give you lots of traction. In addition, the bar’s steel sleeves are designed to swivel. If you want weights with a bar, you can buy the CAP Barbell 300 LB Cast Iron Olympic Weight Set with 7’  Olympic bar.

REP Fitness Gladiator Bar

REP Fitness Gladiator Barbell is another affordable Olympic Weightlifting bar with plenty of excellent features like solid strength, a reported yield strength, a middle knurl, etc. It comes in two weight sizes which are 15kg and 20kg. It is a ‘genuine’ Olympic barbell owing to its standard 28mm diameter. In addition, the bar has a remarkable tensile strength of 230,000 PSI, which is above the average in its class. Besides that, it can also withstand up to 1500 pounds of weight, making it highly demanded by heavy weight lifters.

The Everyday Essentials Olympic Curl Bar

The Everyday Essentials Olympic Curl Bar is a classic curl bar. It tends to be narrower than other barbells, and it’s bent to allow easy rotation of your hands during curls. It is crafted from alloy steel, and the curl bar promises to be durable. This steel bar has a knurled grip and can hold up to 350 pounds. In addition, it’s lined with sets of knurled grips which will provide you with enough traction as you lift.

KINGC 5 Feet Olympic Barbell Bar 60

This is another standard Olympic barbell with the standard 28mm diameter measurement. This special barbell is a 5-foot metal bar with a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds and weighs around 12kg. This bar accommodates 2-inch plates, and instead of clips, it comes with collars to carry plates on each end. The barbell is made with 63,000 PSI tensile strength steel. Besides that, it also has knurled surfaces for a secure grip. In addition, it’s also designed to be balanced and long-lasting and ideal for flat rows, skull crushers, standing curls, and a wide variety of cross-training.

The Synergee Rhino Power Bar

The Synergee Rhino Power Bar is an exquisite barbell that can support a heavy training load. This durable barbell can support up to 1,500 pounds at a time, making it a great pick for weight-lifting. This bar is designed from high-strength steel, and it’s perfected with a protective coating designed to prevent corrosion and rusting. Like other bars, the Synergee Rhino Power Bar has multiple grip positions, which are all knurled to give you plenty of traction and promises to remain fixed as you lift so that you won’t have to worry about your bar distorting under pressure.


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