With a baby video monitor, you do not need to tiptoe into your baby’s room, as it often goes bad. You’re likely to stumble on something, and you may end up obstructing your baby’s peaceful sleep. Nursing can be stressful, and bedtime and naptime seem great opportunities for parents to relax. A baby video monitor can help cool your nerves and ease the stress by helping to reassure you with a 24/7 view of your little one.


Baby monitors are the extra eyes and ears to help give parents peace of mind. All baby video monitors come with different features and functions. Still, you might want to consider essential features like: battery life, camera quality, two-way audio, option to add more camera, night vision, camera pan and tilt capabilities, easy to install, temperature display, a secure connection, range limit, portability, display quality, and screen size. Advanced features like sleeping insights that come with a smart monitor can also interest you. Below are the top baby video monitors on the market.

Nanit Plus Smart Monitor

This baby video monitor is rated the very best baby video monitor on the market. This monitor comes with a 960-pixel HD camera, wall mount, and a floor stand, giving parents the choice to pick from the two options. Other features include temperature and humidity sensors, photo and video saving and sharing, gradually dimming night light, and sharp night vision that gives you a clear view of your child even in the dark. It also has two-way audio to easily speak to your baby from other rooms using your smartphone’s sleep-tracking app.

Furthermore, you can place the camera over your baby’s crib crib with its cables safely tucked away to give you a clear view of your baby, likewise ensuring safety. You can view the real-time sound and HD video of your baby on your smartphone. You can even hear your baby while using another app or while your screen is locked. The Nanit insights included allow parents to track their baby’s sleep pattern and room conditions. This monitor continues to work over WiFi, and as long as there’s a WiFi connection, there is no limit range.

Infant Optics XDR-8 Video Baby Monitor

This baby video monitor features interchangeable lenses that allow parents to swap lenses in and out to what suits them, making it an excellent long-term investment. Infant Optics baby monitor is suitable for newborns. It comes with a close-up lens that provides a clear view of your newborn and a wide view lens when your baby gets older. This video monitor uses about four cameras, making it super cool for parents with multiple kids and rooms.

In addition,this baby video monitor features include a long battery life that can last 12hours on power-saver audio-only mode and 8 hours with the display screen on. It also has a room temperature monitoring feature, tilt and pan capabilities, high-quality night vision, an alarm function, and two-way audio that allows you to hear from the other. At the same time, you can also communicate with your baby from anywhere you are.  Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is super simple and easy to use with a 700-coverage range limit. This baby video monitor continues to work over WiFi, and as long there’s a WiFi connection, there is no limit range.

Vava Video Baby Monitor

This baby video monitor is super easy to set up. It is a non-Wi-Fi video monitor ideal for moms who cherish their privacy. Vava Video Baby Monitor comes with a two-way intercom. With those, you can hear your baby and likewise talk to your baby from where you are. It also has a large five-inch display screen, a room temperature display, zoom, pan, and tilt capabilities. This video monitor displays time, so you can calculate how long your baby has been in bed. It covers a range of 900 feet and can connect up to four cameras, though those cameras are sold separately.

Motorola Halo Monitor  

This baby video monitor can be easily and safely mounted over your baby’s crib or on the wall to give you a closer overhead view. It allows you to watch your baby while at home or away. This baby monitor has both handheld and smartphone capability, meaning you can use the traditional parent monitor unit when at home. When you are away from home, use your smartphone to watch your little one through a digitally encrypted video signal.

Motorola Halo Baby Monitor features 7 multi-color light options that help soothe your baby. It also has a light show that projects on the room’s ceiling; this brightens the room in the dark. A Hubble Connected app lets you see real-time camera footage, and a Hubble Baby Smart Sleep Assistant provides sleep, parenting tips, and development advice. It works with WiFi and does not have a coverage range limit as long as your WiFi is active.

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