Are you a parent who finds it usually challenging to put your fussy little one to sleep, and you have tried everything humanly possible but still to no avail? Then try a baby sound machine. Yes! The best baby sound machines can help distract, entertain and calm your little one. Baby sound machines are electronic devices that produce white noise, lullabies, or other melodious sounds that can soothe an infant or a toddler. They are always easy to use. Moreover, most have a control panel or an interface with buttons to regulate the sounds, while some advanced ones connect to smartphones, so you can use them to control all functions through an app. However, as functional as these machines are, it is important to put some precautions to heart. It’s advisable to place baby sound machines more than 200cm away from the baby, always keep the volume low, and turn off the machine once the purpose is served. Here are the best 4 baby sound machines on the market.


Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine

This lightweight baby sound machine will be an excellent pick for parents who like compact baby sound machines. Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine contains an internal fan that rotates to create white noise. The drum containing the fan also rotates to adjust the size of the vents on the side. Likewise, you can control the intensity of the white noise through it. This sound machine is super simple to use, with just three-stage buttons to switch on/off the fan and switch the dual-fan speed. In addition, Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Sound Machine works with a power adapter, so no batteries are needed. It is so functional, as it can help you put a fussy baby to sleep and make your little one stop crying.

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Soother

This compact and handy design baby soother will make the top of the list for portable baby sound machines. It comes with a wrist strap to attach to your hand. The baby sound machine has a pre-recorded sound of ‘shushing’ in a human voice, which will prompt your little one to stop crying. With this soother, you can set the sound for 15-30 minutes for calming your little one for a longer duration. However, if you find the noise too loud, you can lower the volume so that the sounds are only audible to your baby and do not disturb the other members in the house. It operates with simple buttons and rotary-based controls, making it easy to use. In addition, it works on 2 AA batteries that come with the machine, meaning you can use the baby sound machine right out of the box.

Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

Do you desire something extra in a baby sound machine, then consider this sound machine. Along with the sound, Hatch Baby Rest Night Light comes has several colors to entertain your little one. The sound and light combo make it a great baby sound machine you will love to buy. The sound machine supports iOS 9 or higher or Android KitKat or higher, so you can connect the machine to your smartphone via Bluetooth and control its various functions through an app. With 11 preset sounds that include white noise and various other natural sounds, you can opt for a sound that’ll please your little one. 

Furthermore, you can also select a light’s color from any of the ten options or choose any color from the color wheel. When your little one taps on the machine, the colors change. This unique and useful feature will do great in amusing your baby. However, if you want a particular color to remain, you can lock this feature through the phone app. Brightness and volume can also be set via the phone app. In addition, you can set the music to be played at a specific time. The versatile baby sound machine can be used as an alarm clock for older toddlers.

MyBaby Soundspa Portable Machine

MyBaby Soundspa Portable Machine is a portable design baby sound machine that works through a wired adapter or 4 AA-size batteries. The machine plays white noise and other natural sounds of a heartbeat, summer night, thunderstorm, ocean, and brook. The sounds the machine produces are realistic enough, making it an ideal pick if you want to play natural sounds. In addition, it has an auto-off timer, which turns off the machine after the selected time. You can also set it to play sounds for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. You can conveniently place the machine anywhere in the house since it comes with a wide base and top-mounted speaker. MyBaby Soundspa Portable Machine is super simple and easy to use. 


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