What are Baby Play Mats?                   

Baby play mats are helpful pieces of gear for babies. And because babies need entertainment,  baby play mats can really be a means of entertainment. They are multi-functional mats that can be used for tummy time, development, or creating a safe play place for babies. They also engage little ones’ senses and support the development of essential milestones like grasping, rolling over, and tracking movement with their eyes. In addition, they come with features like hanging toys, bat and grasp, soft and crinkly textures for sensory play, and high-contrast images to grab your baby’s attention. 

Besides that, baby play mats come with various visuals, sounds, and textures, unlike most swings and bouncers that offer only one or two small plush toys. Baby play mats can be used right from day one but are more ideal for babies three to six months old, during the stage when they are developing hand-eye coordination. They have different sizes, shapes, and themes, so be sure to get the one that suits your taste. Materials, developmental milestones, and machine washability are factors to consider before buying one. With lots of playmats on the market, we bring you the very best, with outstanding qualities and features.

SkipHop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat

This beautiful baby playmat is 100 percent cotton. It offers unique features for a starter. It has 13 loops to hang toys, 17 developmental activities, a tummy time pillow, and a built-in mirror. All these features help develop strong baby muscles. And just like its name implies ‘treetop’, it has exciting textures like crease leaves and squeaking flowers that get babies’ attention. SkipHop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat is ideal for newborns, and for starters, toys should be placed low to make gripping easier and later moved higher to encourage reaching. It is free of harsh chemicals and completely safe for use. It is also easy to assemble and wash.

Lollaland Play Mat

This baby-friendly play mat is a big roll-out mat made of quality, well-cushioned, water-resistant, and BPA-free multiple layers of foam. The rug-like baby play mat offers two side designs that are bright yet cool. Aside from a simple interlocking circle design, the other side has a colorful pattern made of yellow in circles coupled with little scenes and characters. The playmat is a good pick for moms who desire a playmat made from foam, simple and less distracting. It is ideal for newborns and easy to clean.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick and Play Piano Gym

This versatile playmat from Fisher-Price is safe for use from birth and grows with your baby. The playmat comes with a piano, a keyboard with five light-up keys, and plays music continuously for 15 minutes non-stop. Newborns can conveniently lay down on their back and kick the piano keys to listen to music. As your baby gets older, he/she can press the piano keys during tummy time, and once the baby can sit, your baby can press the piano with his/her little hands with ease. They also come with five detachable toys that hook onto multiple loops around the mat. They are easy to assemble, clean and safe for use.

Lovevery Play Gym

This multi-functional play gym acts as both an activity gym and a play mat. The child development expert-designed playmat features everything needed to entertain a baby for an entire year. It comes with five different developmental zones, all aimed at promoting development and discouraging overstimulation. It also features a removable overhead gym made of durable wooden legs.

In addition, it has accessories like a teething toy, a wooden battling ring, and an organic cotton Montessori ball that are all washable. This playmat is good-looking, colorful, and also helps encourage the development a child needs at that stage while ensuring comfort and safety. In addition, it offers interchangeable cards ranging from black and white images for newborns to faces and mirrors for older babies. Although it is quite expensive, it is well worth its cost because aside from its beautiful features, it’s also durable.

However, whether the maker tags it as a playmat or a play gym, the idea is the same. It’s a brightly colored and interactive mat for your baby’s playtime. Playmats are ideal for tummy time, which helps babies. They help develop motor skills, strengthen their neck and shoulder muscles and prevent getting a flat head. With playmats, your little one is sure to have a safe, comfy spot to play and work on their developing skills. Whether you would need a playmat for your baby is a choice you need to decide on, but even if you want to, you can not hold your baby 24/7. Therefore, a swing, bouncer or playmat, can help fill some periods while you do other necessary things because they are all fun spots for babies to chill.


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