The nursery is a unique space where priceless memories will be created! You’ve probably already considered a crib, a changing table, and a baby rocker. You have chosen a color palette, gathered cuddly animals, and decorated the walls. However, there is one item that you may have overlooked: a baby laundry hamper. Baby laundry hampers are made to store laundry, preventing messes and odors, which are two things you don’t want around your kids. Portability, ease of cleaning, durability, and safety are important features to consider before purchasing one. You have probably used laundry hampers before, but you might not be aware of the different types of hampers made, especially for nurseries. On that note, we bring the 5 best baby laundry hampers for your nursery that are safe, easy to clean, and functional, and durable.

Sea Team Waterproof Laundry Hamper

A clean hamper is essential, especially if your youngster makes a lot of mess. Getting in a waterproof hamper will make your life easier. These types of baby laundry hampers are simple to clean and can be wiped down at any time. These unique canvas hampers from Sea Team are 100 percent ramie cotton fabric, but they also have a plastic lining to keep wet or soiled clothes dry. Each hamper is large enough to accommodate a lot of stuff and includes sturdy handles for hauling. However, one con of this hamper is that it does not have a watertight exterior like the lining. So, if you’re concerned about the outside of the hamper being dirty or soiled, it’s best to opt for one with waterproof lining on the outside.

3 Sprouts Laundry Hamper

It’s sometimes preferable to keep things basic in your nursery at first. 3 Sprouts’ lovely nursery hamper is compact, fashionable, and the perfect addition to any baby’s nursery. Each hamper is composed of polyester and polypropylene, making it both comfortable and easy to clean. The two large handles fold and form a circular hole to keep dust and small hands out of the dirty laundry. Simply raise the handles and carry away when it’s time to wash the laundry. All in all, it may be a suitable hamper for you if you are making your first nursery because it has numerous exciting designs and a compact shape.

Rubbermaid Laundry Hamper

For years, plastic has been a popular choice for laundry hampers. It’s long-lasting, low-cost, and simple to clean. Rubbermaid’s Flex n’ Carry is a great option for your nursery. If you don’t have a lot of space, it’s a simple and effective solution. The fact that the plastic is flexible is one of the reasons we prefer this hamper. This actually contributes to the hamper’s reduced weight if you actually compare it with similar plastic baby laundry hampers. It also boasts easy-to-carry soft, reinforced handles. This large baby laundry hamper, measuring 16.7 inches high by 23 inches wide, contains many laundries. In fact, it is the right choice if you have many kids and a lot of laundry loads.

Dokehom Extra Large Collapsible Nursery Hamper

This adorable baby laundry hamper is made of extra-thickened 100% cotton and folds flat. It has strong leather handles and a drawstring closure to keep the hamper closed. We particularly enjoy the waterproof covering on the linen, which allows for easy cleaning. Each baby laundry hamper is extremely large, measuring 22 inches tall and 16 inches wide to accommodate many dirty clothes. The bottom of the hamper is particularly thick, so it can stand on its own, and it comes in a variety of interesting patterns. Because this nursery hamper is composed of cotton, it may not withstand severe handling, but it is unlikely to pique curiosity. So, if you aren’t careful, older kids who are a little rowdier may lead to its destruction.

Cosmopolitan Metal Rolling Laundry Basket

Metal is actually a good option if you want a long-lasting nursery hamper. Metal is a robust material that does not easily bend or collapse. We also enjoy how it can give minimalist moms a clean, sleek style. Not only does this baby laundry hamper have a sturdy weave basket shape, but it also has wheels. It may be easier to tote your laundry around if you live in a single-level home. In addition, it’s also an excellent choice for moms with many kids who need a laundry hamper that can stand up to a lot of abuse. However, metal may not be the safest material for a child who is prone to accidents. Each hamper measures 16 inches in width and 24 inches in height. And because the metal is smooth and coated, it will not snag or harm your clothing.

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