You can not always be with your toddler, but your mind can also be at ease, knowing fully well you have something to keep them in place and out of danger. However, whether you need to block stairs or a room, baby gates ensure your little one will not be able to go into an unsafe area. Baby gates are necessary when it comes to keeping your child safe. It is ideal to install your baby gate before your little one begins to crawl or become mobile. Why? As soon as they start to crawl, things happen faster, and that’s when your little one wants to explore everything and anything.

When buying baby gates, consider the overall design features, ease to clean, ease of assembly and use, and make sure they meet all industry safety standards. Below is a list of the 5 best baby gates to help keep your toddler safe.

Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate

This baby gate is a walk-through gate that opens entirely and without a base bar that can make you or your little one trip off. The gate measures 32 inches high, making it suitable for any opening from 30 inches to 48 inches, with the vertical wooden slats at 2.75 inches apart from each other, meaning your little one can not put things or their hands through. Summer Infant Deluxe Stairway Wood Gate features a safe grip handle, which opens the gate without any stress or extra push. This wooden gate is well mounted and cannot be pushed down by your toddler should he decide to show muscle strength. The added template allows correct and easy fitting without necessarily having to measure. The gate helps secure and keep your little one from the danger you fear.

Munchkin Loft Aluminum Baby Gate

This sleek and stylish aluminum baby gate has a double-locking door that swings either way and a handle to open it. Rather than just a section, this gate’s door opens its full width, making it much easier to walk through, even when you are carrying bulky items, like a vacuum. In addition, the gate does not come with a base bare, so tripping is a no with the gate. It is 30.5 inhes high and will fit stairs, hallways, or doors measuring between 26.5 inches and 40 inches wide. Although this baby gate is hardware mounted, it has a quick-release feature that makes it removable and fixable should the need arise. It also has a default index position to adjust the width.

Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate

This solid and durable baby gate is made from steel. The portable baby gate is easy to move, reconfigure and take along when going on vacation or visit. It’s a super-wide baby gate with eight 24 inches by 28 inches panels that you can arrange to fit widths up to 16 feet. Each panel can be locked in place, so you can change the length, create a circle or any shape of your choice. You can also reconfigure it into a 19 square feet playpen.

This baby gate is really handy if you want to close off a particular area, keep your toddler away from the fireplace or out of the kitchen. Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Baby Gate has a walk-through door with a safety lock that is easy to open by grown-ups with ease. The APSM and JPMA approved baby gate vertical bars have 2.25 inches spacing, preventing your toddlers from putting things through. Finally, the wall mounts secure the gate in place when used and removable when not used.

QDOS Crystal Baby Safety Gate

This baby gate 30.7 inches high, and you can mount and use it anywhere in the home, should you need a gate measuring between 29.5 inches and 39.8 inches. This modern baby gate made of clear, strong, and commercial-grade perspex is a good pick for moms who desire both safety and style in a baby gate. With only four screws to mount, it minimizes wall damage. You can also use a hardware option to mount it at an angle, an opening, or a door frame. Both options have a magnetic lock, with an at-a-glance indicator that shows green when you shut the gate and red when you open it. QDOS Crystal Baby Safety Gate is safe for installation at the top or base of stairs. It is easy to clean using mild soap and wipe with a damp cloth.

Evenflo Easy Walk Thru Gate

This baby gate is excellent for most standard stairways. It is 30 inches high and can cover a width between 29 inches and 42 inches. You can also use it at doorways, hallways, playrooms, and the kitchen. You can also open it in either direction. It comes with an easy-glide handle that is easy to open with just one hand and an at-a-glance red/green indicator that tells you if you shut the gate securely. The gate has no base bar, so there is zero chance of tripping. 

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