It is no doubt that bath time comes with a lot of fun, and moms cherish these precious moments. But coupled with the fun is stress, especially when it always seems your baby begins to slip like a slippery eel as soon as water is in the mix. However, baby bathtubs can help support your wriggling little one and make bath time safer and more enjoyable for you and your little one. Baby bathtubs come in different sizes and vary significantly in function. Still, you can look out for factors like size, rigidity, non-skid base, comfort, portability, support, storage, and smooth edges. Below are the best 5 baby bathtubs on the market.

Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath

This baby bathtub is designed with your baby’s ultimate comfort in mind, making it the most comfortable bathtub on the market. The versatile baby bath can expand or reduce to fit any sink size. It features four petals that overlap to make a comfortable and contoured base for your baby. The moveable petals make even fussy babies calm during bath with a flat center that holds the baby’s bottom well, preventing him/her from slipping around when wet and soapy during bath. It also comes with soft outer fabric filled with foam to give it support and make it cozy. Blooming Bath Lotus Baby Bath is easy to use, does not take up much space, and fits most bathroom washbasins or kitchen sinks. It is available in three bright colors: blue, pink and yellow.

The First Years Sure Comfort Baby Bathtub

This budget-friendly 25 pounds bathtub is durable enough to grow with your child, right from your baby’s first bath to toddlerhood. It has a mesh sling hammock that helps your baby stay above water and not fully submerge. This feature makes it ideal for newborns, as you do not get the umbilical cord wet during the bath. Your little one can use the main tub after the first few weeks when they can have a splash around their body.

A foot stop and grooves prevent your little one from slipping, and a contour helps prevent your baby’s tiny buttocks from slipping and sliding when wet during bath. The padded back gives your baby the needed comfort, and its tall side allows water to stay in the tub and keep the baby secure. There is a drainage plug and a small cubbyhole by the foot stop to hold a soap bar, toy, or washcloths. The bathtub fits conveniently into most kitchen sinks, so moms can choose to stand during bath time if convenient.

Beaba by Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

This bathtub is a great pick for moms who want a tub that is portable yet functional. This bucket-like baby bathtub is simple, lightweight, and compact. It features a hump at the center of the tub where your baby can sit to give him/her enough support while maintaining an upright position. A non-skid base and a padded grippy back cushion help hold the baby still and warm. This 24.25 inches bathtub fits any sink over 15.15 inches wide. It is ideal for babies right from infancy up to about 12 months. In addition, it can stay on its own without attaching to anything on the floor or countertop. Beaba by Shnuggle Baby Bathtub is smaller than many other baby bathtubs, and its back cushion comes in three different bright colors.

Puj Tub Foldable Baby Bathtub

Like the name implies, Puj Tub Foldable Baby Bathtub, this unique baby bathtub can fold flat when not in use. The soft PVC and BPA-free foam construction is safe for a baby’s sensitive skin. The bathtub comes with newborns’ comfort in mind, as it is soft and comfortable to cradle them. It fits most bathrooms and kitchen sinks. With this model, you don’t have to do lots of bending, so it’s ideal for moms who just had a C-section. It is easy to assemble, and with magnets, the tub folds into shape.

The tub is great for sinks measuring 12-15 inches with a depth of 6.5- 9 inches. Puj Tub Foldable Baby Bathtub is best for newborns as it offers them a small, safe spot to bathe while giving them support. It’s deal from birth up to 6 months or when your baby weighs 27 pounds, and is mold and mildew-resistant.

Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Baby Bathtub

This versatile baby bathtub is spacious enough to be used as a toddler bath and ideal from birth to 25 pounds. Its padded foam back helps cushion a baby’s head, and the seat insert bottom works as a stopper for babies’ tiny buttocks. It has a supportive seat for your baby as soon as he/she begins to sit. It also has a whale scoop and a water squirter that your baby can play with, plus a drain plug at the bottom of the tub for easy draining. In addition, a useful hook lets you hang the tub to air dry. And finally, when it’s time for your toddler to bathe, you can remove the seat to create more space in the tub.


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