Babies have different needs than we adults do, so if you think it is unnecessary to get  baby bath towels for your little ones because you have towels in the house, you might want to rethink. Baby bath towels should be very soft, cute, free of harsh chemicals, highly absorbent, and wick away moisture. Below is the list of the top, cutest, softest, and safest baby bath towels available on the market.

Hudson Baby Animal Face Baby Bath Towel for Girls

This cutely designed is one your little girl or boy will love. It is made of good quality material and super durable. With 38 different character designs to choose from, you will certainly find one that suits your taste. It comes in a generous size, meaning your little one will be able to use it even as a toddler. In addition, it is ultra-absorbent and would not take all your time to dry up your child. Besides that, it also comes with a hood to keep your little one’s head dry and warm while you put his/her diaper on. It is also super easy to wash and can be cleaned in a washing machine. Hudson Baby Animal Face Baby Bath Towel will hold up well even after several washes.

Channing & Yates Hooded Bamboo Baby Bath Towel

This hooded towel is designed with your baby’s comfort in mind because it is made to be super soft and extravagant. It is 50% thicker and heavier than most baby bath towels. Most other hooded towels are square may not give you enough fabric to work with. However, because of the rectangle design, it allows you to wrap up your baby in the entire length of the towel, thereby keeping your little ones warm and happy. In addition, it is also super large, so it will grow with your child into the toddler years. Besides that, it is ideal for baby showers or other special occasions for mom and baby. Get this very functional baby bath towel for your child, and you won’t regret buying it.

San Francisco Organic Bamboo Baby Bath Towel

This baby bath towel is made of antibacterial and hypoallergenic organic bamboo material, making it super great for kids with very sensitive skin. Aside from antibacterial properties, it is also ultra-luxurious yet very functional. It is gentler and safer for young newborns, infants, and toddlers. It also wards off odors and is free of harsh chemicals. In addition, it measures 40 by 28 inches, which is large enough to help keep your baby dry. You will protect your baby’s delicate skin and keep them warm as they dry off when you wrap them in this baby towel after bath time. The towel will last you for a long time and won’t fade off after several washes. Finally, this bath towel will make a great pick if your little one has any skin concerns, such as diaper rashes or eczema.

Artyish Premium Hooded Baby Towel

Looking for a gift option for baby showers, then check this out. This baby hooded bath towel set by Artyish Premium will make a great gift for baby showers. The fluffy and cute towel has a fun animal design with a neutral color for both baby boy and girl, with a free bib in adorable packaging. It is made of organic bamboo fabric and has 600 grams per square meter, making it super soft and absorbent. It wicks moisture away quickly while keeping your little one warm and dry. In addition, it measures 35×35 inches, with a fun hood featuring an animal character with ears. The hanging loop on the hood makes it easy to hang the towel to dry. It is easy to wash, and with it on your baby, you don’t have to worry about germs because the bamboo has important germ-fighting properties for sure clean.

Jj Cole Two-Piece Hooded Baby Bath Towels Set

Jj Cole Two-Piece Hooded Baby Bath Towels Set comes with a hooded towel and a color-coordinated washcloth, with six different color options to pick from, all in modern and stylish prints. This baby bath towel won’t irritate your baby’s skin, and both the towel and washcloth are machine washable. It is 100% cotton terry cloth which is super absorbent and feels soft on your little one’s delicate skin.

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