YOSUDA Exercise Bike: L-010 Pro Magnetic

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The YOSUDA L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike is the latest machine from the brand. This exercise bike is similar to YOSUDA L001-A and L007A. However, it supports a higher user weight capacity and has a magnetic resistance system instead of a friction version.  

This makes its performance smoother, and its operation quieter, and it could support heavier users. 

Now, let’s see the specs of the Yosuda L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike.

Specifications for the Yosuda L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike

Assembled Dimensions: 42 x 22 x 41 ( l x w x h )

Max User Weight: 350lbs

Product weight: 86lbs

Flywheel: 40lbs

Adjustable Seat: Up/down; forward/ backward

Inseam Height: Min 25 in / Max 35 in

Adjustable Handlebar: Up/ Down; Forward/ Backward

Resistance: Magnetic

Yosuda pro magnetic exercise bike

Frame & Construction

The YOSUDA L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike has a durable and premium steel frame coated with anti-corrosion paint. 

It features ABS-made coverings for the magnetic brake pad and drive-train. This bike has a chrome-plated seat and handlebar, which makes the bike sturdy enough to support a 350 lbs maximum user weight.  

In addition, the design on this bike incorporates solid stabilizers with adjustable levelers. This is to enable any user to balance the bike on a platform for optimum stability. 

Finally, the L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike dimensions are 41-inch long by 22-inch wide by 42.5-inch high. Also, the transport wheel is integrated at the front base to help you move the bike quickly and easily when necessary.

The Seat of the YOSUDA L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike 

YOSUDA L-010 Pro magnetic exercise bike has a 4-way adjustable seat. It is well cushioned with a groove at the middle of the surface for increased comfort. 

It is different from a standard bicycle saddle, but its design will keep the feet comfortable throughout the workout. Also, you can replace it with a saddle of your choice because it possesses a universal installation system. 

Moreover, people whose inseams are between 25’’-35’’ can perfectly fit without restrictions since it can be adjusted vertically.

The Handlebar 

The handlebar of this bike is equally 4-way adjustable as the seat, so it could easily be adjusted horizontally and vertically to complement the bike’s overall customization for a perfect fit. 

In addition, the handlebar has multiple grips coated with anti-slip PVC foam. This is to give you comfortable postures during your ride. The handlebar and the seat posts have adjustment calibration, which enables you to easily make adjustments in a few seconds. 

Finally, the YOSUDA L-010 pro magnetic exercise bike doesn’t have the EKG HR sensors, and it lacks the heart rate monitoring capability.

Yosuda pro magnetic exercise bike


The pedals on the YOSUDA L-010 pro magnetic exercise bike are anti-slip toe cages that are made of aluminum alloy with adjustable safety straps( designed to accommodate and secure different foot sizes comfortably). 

The pedals are not dual-sided, which means you cannot use special spin shoes on them except a pair of standard gym shoes. However, if you must use clip-in shoes, then you might have to use SPD pedals. 

The Drive 

The belt-driven system consists of a durable anti-stretch V-Poly belt, a 3-piece crankset, pulleys, and heavy-duty crank-arms.  

This belt drive system is noiseless and maintains a sound level of only 20dB. Also, it is maintenance-free as no lubrication or adjustment will be required periodically. This makes it preferred over a chain-drive system. 

In addition, it features a 40 lbs. perimeter weighted flywheel which enhances motion by giving a steady momentum that mimics a bicycle riding experience.  

You can also pedal in reverse because the drive system is bidirectional.

The Resistance System of the YOSUDA L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike 

The resistance system doesn’t only provides workout difficulty but could also make or break its operation. Besides that, unlike a friction resistance system, its magnetic resistance system makes its operation noiseless and smoother.

In addition, the bike’s resistance system is micro-adjustable. That means there are unlimited resistance levels that provide different shades of workout difficulties for everyone). 

Moreover, you can adjust the resistance level by simply turning the tension knob clockwise or counterclockwise.  

The Console 

The console of the YOSUDA L-010 Pro Magnetic Exercise Bike features an LCD Monitor with a large screen. This screen can display multiple workout stats simultaneously with good clarity.  

Also, you can set a goal/countdown for distance, time, and calories for a sense of fitness goal accomplishment.  

Finally, the monitor is battery-powered. It turns on when the button the console is pushed or when you start pedaling.

However, its readability might be compromised if used in a dark room because the monitor is not backlit. We really hope Yosuda improves on this.

Yosuda pro magnetic exercise bike


  • Its LCD monitor can display multiple workout stats simultaneously.
  • It has an enhanced commercial-grade steel frame 
  • Supports a maximum weight capacity of up to 350 lbs.
  • Smooth and whisper-silent operation
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Replaceable seat and pedals
  • You can set goals for time, distance, and calories 
  • The maintenance required is minimal 
  • The Assembly is easy  


  • Nonbacklit monitor
  • No heart rate monitoring function


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